The Samuel Merritt University Facilities Department is located at 450-30th Street, G834, Oakland, Ca 94609.  Our primary function is the security and maintenance of all University buildings, grounds, and equipment.  Our mission is to provide quality services which effectively enhance University facilities for students, faculty, staff, and other customers who expect a safe and welcoming environment for study and work.  We are committed to the ongoing task of providing the highest levels of support and service to the entire University community.

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Nor-Cal Visits
2018 Schedule 
Nor-Cal Moving Services will provide moving, delivery and installation services to each campus, per schedule below.  All requests will need to be submitted via Cherwell, located on the SMU intranet.
  Oakland San Mateo Sacramento
  January - - -
  February 8th 15th 22nd
  March 1st & 22nd 8th 15th
  April 5th & 19th 12th 26th
  May 3rd & 17th 10th 24th
  June 7th & 21st 14th 28th
  July 5th & 19th 12th 26th
  August 2nd & 16th 9th 23rd
  September 6th & 20th 13th 27th
  October 4th & 18th 11th 25th
  November 1st 8th 15th
  December 6th As needed As needed
Site Visits
2018 Schedule 
Site visits to our San Francisco Peninsula and Sacramento campuses are conducted by the SMU Facilities manager on a monthly basis.  See the schedule below for our upcoming visits:
Sacramento Site:  The 1st Monday of each month.
San Mateo Site:  The 3rd Monday of each month.

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