Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Admission Information

Accelerated nursing programs

The Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program is the fastest route to a nursing career for students who already have a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field. The curriculum is designed to be completed at an intense pace in just 12 months--one of the shortest accelerated nursing programs in California. Students accomplish program objectives in a short period of time by building on previous learning.  Course and clinical instruction is offered in short, intensive courses with minimal breaks as compared to students in traditional entry-level programs.

Clinical education partnered with lecture and laboratory instruction is a hallmark of the ABSN program. At the culmination of the program, graduates are prepared to sit for the NCLEX and practice as an RN in a facility of their choosing. Many graduates choose to continue their education to obtain higher-level leadership positions. 

Although the program is completed at an intense pace, it has been designed to be achievable. You don't have to take our word for it. The program performance numbers speak for themselves. According to the most recently available data for the ABSN program:  

  • 92 percent of the students who started the program during 2014-2015 graduated within a year and a half 
  • Our first-year retention rate has been 98 percent since 2013
  • 94 percent of our graduates in 2016 passed the NCLEX-RN on the first try
  • 97 percent of the 2014-15 graduating class was working as an RN within one year of graduation

ABSN Cohorts

The ABSN program is the most widely available at Samuel Merritt University, with approximately 288 spaces available annually. It is the only program that is offered on all three of our campuses. There are multiple start dates, clinical locations, and application deadlines. The table below outlines when and where each ABSN cohort is offered and the associated start date and application deadline. 48 students are enrolled in each cohort, creating ample opportunity for qualified students to obtain a seat.

Application Deadline

Prerequisite Deadline

Start of Program

Campus Location

Fall Cohorts


April 1

End of summer prior to start Early September Sacramento

April 1

End of summer prior to start Early November San Mateo

Spring Cohorts


July 1

End of fall prior to start Beginning of January San Mateo

July 1

End of fall prior to start Beginning of January Sacramento

Summer Cohorts


December 1

End of fall prior to start End of April San Mateo

December 1

End of fall prior to start End of May Oakland

December 1

End of spring prior to start Beginning of June San Mateo

Questions about the ABSN program can be directed to the appropriate admission counselor at each campus. Please address your questions to just one counselor at a time so that we might respond as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


Anne Seed


Katharine Leyva

San Mateo

Derric Bynum

In less than two years, my family has a better life. It was a fast program and I spent many nights studying after the kids went to bed, but now I’ve got a lot to show for it: A new career Alejandra Villegas FNP
Our background in sports and passion for physical performance drove us to study the science of human movement. Tino and Tron Tino & Tron Hardy Physical Therapy
So many foot problems can be successfully treated if they are identified early, and corrective measures are taken. Then, there are patients with diabetes and other chronic diseases that require specialized, ongoing foot care. We see everything in our clinics. Samantha Ralstin Samantha Ralstin Podiatric Medicine

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