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Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology are offered through our Oakland campus. The courses are in person only. All on campus meetings are mandatory. Lab and lecture must both be taken together. Although there are no pre-requisites for these classes, prior coursework in Biology and Chemistry will be helpful. Students may take both classes simultaneously; however, if you plan to take them in sequence, we recommend taking Anatomy first followed by Physiology.

Human Anatomy Lecture and Lab
(4 units)

BSCI 015 & BSCI 016
Offered: Spring, Summer & Fall
Method of Delivery: On Oakland Campus
Course Description

Human Physiology Lecture and Lab
(4 units)

BSCI 025 & BSCI 026
Offered: Spring, Summer & Fall
Method of Delivery: On Oakland Campus
Course Description

Course Dates




Registration Period

Summer 2019

June 10 - August 2

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Lecture: MWF 9 - 11AM

Lab: MWF 11 - 12:30PM

May 14 - July 2

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Lab: T&TH 8 - 11AM

Lecture: T&TH 11:30 - 2:30PM

Fall 2019

 September 10 - December 19

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Lecture: Tuesday 4-6:50PM

Lab: Thursdays 4-6:50PM


September 9 - December 18

Mondays & Wednesdays

Lecture: Mondays 4-6:50PM

Lab: Wednesdays 4-6:50PM

Friday, June 28 @ 8AM - August 27 @ 8AM


Pharmacology & Pathophysiology

Pharmacology and Pathophysiology are offered online through the School of Nursing. * Please note that both anatomy and physiology are required prerequisites for pharmacology and pathophysiology. HOWEVER: We do not require official/unofficial transcripts; you are certifying completion by submitting an application to pharmacology/pathophysiology. 

Pharmacology (3 units)

Offered: Spring, Summer & Fall
Method of Delivery: Online

Prereqs: anatomy & physiology

Pathophysiology (3 units)

Offered: Spring, Summer & Fall
Method of Delivery: Online

Prereqs: anatomy & physiology

Course Dates

Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Course Dates Registration Period
Summer 2019              May 6 through July 15, 2019 CLOSED
Fall 2019        August 12 through October 20, 2019  Friday, June 28 @ 8AM - July 27 @8AM
Spring 2020  January 6 through March 17, 2020 TBD




After reading the above information and the FAQs, additional questions can be directed towards the individuals below. 

Questions about course registration (application, enrollment) can be directed to:

Registrar's Office
Jose Vera
510-879-9200 x 7310


Questions about Anatomy & Physiology courses can be directed to:

Department of Basic Sciences
Dr. Barb Puder



Questions about Pathophysiology & Pharmacology courses (course content, material, syllabus, etc) can be directed to:

School of Nursing



Tuition for undergraduate pre-requisite courses is listed on the SMU Tuition Page. These amounts do not include the cost of course materials (i.e., books).

Important Note about Financial Aid: because these courses are taken outside of a degree granting program, financial aid is not available to assist in covering the costs of tuition. All applicants must assume the responsibility for the cost of each course. 

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