Special Services for Faculty

Library Instructional Services & Research Assistance

Overview of Library Resources

This is an excellent introduction for students new to SMU who may not have had time to familiarize themselves with the Library. It can be handled either as a demo in a class or as a hands-on session in a computer lab. Time involved: 30 minutes to 1 hour. To request a session, please submit this form.

Course-Integrated Library Instruction

If a class includes a writing assignment or the need to find articles on a topic, the library can offer your students hands-on instruction in using the library's databases if you advise the library of the assignment in advance. This instruction can cover basic or advanced techniques, or it can serve as a refresher. Time involved: 1 - 1½ hours. To request a session, please submit this form.

Consultation/Research Assistance

The library can help you identify relevant databases for your project, perform advanced searches, design effective searches, or set up alerts. To make an appointment, contact your librarian.

Ask a Question

We invite you to contact your librarian for quick help with a reference question.

Online Instruction

The library's website features tutorials and instructional guides for searching databases, citing sources, and Refworks.

Open Access Publication Fund

SMU’s Library/Academic & Instructional Innovation has established an open access publication fund. Supported by the Division of Academic Affairs and endorsed by the Faculty Organization Research Committee, this fund will reimburse faculty members up to $2,500 per calendar year for expenses associated with publishing an article in a peer-reviewed open access journal. Learn more...

Print Article Delivery Service

You may request that we email you a PDF of an article in our print journal collection that we don't have online access to. Just submit the Request Library Materials form. We'll scan the article and email you a PDF of it, normally the next business day. For more information, contact Juana Moreno.

Requesting Articles and Books from Outside SMU's Collection

The library can assist faculty in obtaining books, journal articles, and other materials that we do not own or provide access to. Learn more...

Photocopying & Printing

Each computer in the library is networked to a laser printer. There are two photocopiers in the print/copy room inside the library; one of these is a color copier.

Information on the pay-for-print system can be found here.

SDI/Alert Service

Selective dissemination of information (SDI) is a service by which you're automatically emailed updates to a pre-established literature search. This is useful if you want to stay current on a particular topic. This service can be set up with: ProQuest (ProQuest Nursing Journals, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses), EBSCOHost (Alt Health Watch, Medline with Full-Text, CINAHL Plus, ERIC, or PsycINFO), Ovid (Medline, Full-Text Journals), The Cochrane Library, and PubMed. To subscribe to this service, contact your librarian.

Textbooks on Reserve

The libraries put a single copy of core required texts on reserve. In order for texts to be available at the start of a semester, book orders must submitted to the Bookstore at least six weeks before the semester begins. For assistance in putting textbooks on reserve, contact your librarian.

Request to Purchase a Book or Journal

You're encouraged to recommend the acquisition of books, journals, and DVDs that support your courses or the broader mission of the University. An online request form is available here; be sure to specify that you're a faculty member.

Library Materials in Your Canvas Course

If you teach classes involving library research or writing assignments, the library can help you add pertinent library materials and links inside your Canvas courses. Librarians can also create electronic course and subject guides and video tutorials on database search techniques tailored to the needs of your students. For more information, contact your librarian.

The Teaching Professor Newsletter

SMU faculty have access to an institutional subscription to The Teaching Professor.

"Published 10 times per year, The Teaching Professor is a lively, practical newsletter with a singular purpose: to provide ideas and insights to educators who are passionate about teaching. This is a newsletter that anticipates issues and addresses them as they are coming to the fore. It also evaluates existing educational practices and tools to help you choose strategies most likely to work for your courses, your students, and your institution. It is a comprehensive professional development resource. Each issue explores the topics that you confront every day in the classroom. It raises the questions on everyone’s minds, and it presents solutions that just about anyone can use regardless of discipline or type of institution."

Instructions for accessing the newsletter are here.

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