Computers in the Library

The library's computer lab is equipped with computers for use by SMU students, faculty, and staff. Each computer has a floppy drive, a DVD-ROM drive, a USB port to which you can connect a flash drive, and network access to a laser printer. Each computer also has Microsoft Office and these applications.

Public computers are located in the front of the library. These computers provide access to the internet and the library's catalog and databases. Microsoft Office has been installed on each computer. Samuel Merritt University and Alta Bates Summit Medical Center affiliates have priority use of these computers.

SMU students, faculty, and staff can check out PC computers or iPads for one week.

The library provides wireless access to the internet from your laptop. Each study carrel is equipped with a power outlet. Printing a document from your laptop requires using either a flash drive or email to transfer the document to a library desktop computer.

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