Placing a Hold

You can place a hold on any 1-week or 2-week book in the Oakland, Sacramento, or San Francisco Peninsula libraries. If it's at your library and checked in, we'll set it aside for you and email you to let you know it's waiting for you to pick up at the circulation desk. If it's checked out, as soon as it's returned we'll email you that it's waiting for you.

If the book's at a library other than your own, we'll send it to your library for you to pick up.

How to Place or Cancel a Hold on a Book

1. Go to the library’s catalog, enter your standard SMU username and password in the box labeled "Log In to Your Account," then click the Log In button.



2. Search for the book you want by typing the title or author in the search box and clicking the "Go" button. When you see the book in the search results, there are two ways you can place a hold on it:


  • Click the "Place Hold" link in the "Actions" line of the search result.
  • Click the book's title in the search results, then click the "Place Hold" link on the right of the detail page.

You can also place a hold on multiple titles at once in the search results by checking the box to the left of each title you want to place a hold on, and then clicking the "Place Hold" link at the top of the results list.




3. You may change the default pickup location from your home library, and you can change the default action that you be notified of the next available copy. When you're done, click the "Place Hold" button.




4. Once the hold has been placed, you will see a list of all of your current holds.




5. Clicking the "my messaging" tab enables you to specify your preferences for receiving email notifications, including when a hold is ready for pick-up.




6. To cancel a hold, log in to your account, click the "Holds" tab, then click the "Cancel" button.



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