Health Sciences Simulation Center

Health Sciences Simulation Center Staff

At Samuel Merritt University (SMU), healthcare simulation is both deeply serious and seriously fun.

Seriously fun because of how we use simulation to teach and learn. To simulate is to make believe. To practice in a make-believe world is a safe way to learn. Ours is among the most serious of all endeavors—the preparation of healthcare professionals to save and improve lives—but there’s no denying what a great time we have.

Here in one of the West’s most advanced healthcare simulation facilities, amidst state-of the-art medical equipment that is virtually just what you find in the real world, SMU students, faculty and working health professionals get to act out little plays (We call them scenarios.) together. They respond to surprises. They try on different hats. They give it their all. Then they watch what they did on video and talk about what happened. We have to admit, there is laughter here, and excitement. How could this not be fun?

Come see for yourself. We’d love to show you around.


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