How to Request Accommodations

Samuel Merritt University Peralta Pavilion

It is the policy and practice of Samuel Merritt University to create inclusive learning environments.  If you know or suspect you have a disability and would like to discuss disability accommodations, please contact the Disability Resource Center for a confidential appointment at

Step 1: If you have a disability and you would like to request accommodations, please complete the Intake Form and submit it to the Disability Resource center in person or via email. 

Step 2: All disabilities must be documented by a medical, health, learning disability, or mental health professional. Documentation forms are available here:

Step 3: In a private appointment with the Director of the Disability Resource Center, we will discuss your academic history, how your disability affects you in the academic setting, and possible accommodations will be discussed. Once appropriate accommodations are agreed upon, they will be put into writing and implemented.

To make an appointment or to ask any questions, email Elisa Laird-Metke at or

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