Good News! SMU Nursing Grads are getting hired within a year of graduating!
*96% of SMU RN Grads get jobs within 1 year of graduation (SMU Report, 2016) 
*74% of RN’s in CA get jobs within 1 year of graduation (Health Impact, 2015)
SMU Career Services is here to help you with your job search!
Follow these steps to get started!


Step 1) Research

1. Watch "Applying for RN Jobs" with the handout below and learn about what you need to apply to New Grad Programs

2. Review the "Hospital and New Programs" doc to research what new grad programs and hosipitals you want to apply for a

3. Review the following webpages to find new grad programs and new grad friendly jobs


Step 2) Develop Your Resume: Watch this presentation, review these resume samples and write your resu

1. Watch the following video "RN Resumes in Focus" and review the resume samples to transition your resume into a standout nursing resume

2. Additional Resources

3. Tips

  • Website: 
    • ​ scans your resume, just like an HR departments Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), for minimum requirements as well as possible key words pulled from an organizations Mission, Vision and Values 
    • will provide a report on what key words, skills or requirements are missing in your resume
  • Article: How to Handle These 5 Common Weaknesses on Your Resume -


Step 3 Cover Letters: Write a cover letter 




Step 4 Review: Contact Career Services to request a review of your resume and cover letter


Step 5 Interview: Watch this video to Preparing for RN Interviews and review the sample questions



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