How to reserve audio/visual equipment for classroom use:

Many of the classrooms already have permanently installed A/V equipment including LCD projectors, computers, and VCR/DVD players. To reserve additional equipment or get assistance, contact the Media Services Department via e-mail, (mediaservices@samuelmerritt.edu), telephone 510.879.3335, or visit the Media Services office at 3100 Telegraph Ave, 1st Floor, Ste. 112. You must provide the date and time of the class, room number, course number, and a list of all equipment needed.

Connecting Laptops to Projectors

HEC Laptop Projector Guide
HEC Connection Guide
WP2 Laptop Projector Guide
WP2 Connection Guide


How to reserve and setup a videoconference between SMU campuses:

Reserve the videoconference rooms at each participating campus.

Contact Media Services with the date and time the videoconference begins and ends, and which campuses are participating. Media Services will dial the number and make the connections.

Tandberg Guide
Tandberg Guide


How to setup a videoconference with another college or outside facility:

Reserve the videoconference room. Contact Media Services at least two weeks prior to the videoconference. You must provide the date, time, the name and telephone number of the videoconference technician at the other college or facility.

How to setup a videoconference with KINKO'S Video Conference Center:

Samuel Merritt has an account established with Kinko's to connect the Oakland or Sacramento campuses with Kinko's Video Conference Centers throughout the United States. This is typically used for "One on One" conferences such as an interview. The cost for this type conference will be charged to the department requesting the conference.

  1. Locate the Kinko's Conference Center desired by connecting to: http://www.fedex.com/us/officeprint/storesvcs/technology/videoconf.html and click on "FedEX Kinko's Store Locator".
  2. Contact Media Services providing the date and time, the location of the Kinko's site, and the name of the person with whom you wish to conference.
  3. Media Services will make the necessary arrangements with Kinko's and will contact the requester with the estimated costs.
  4. Upon receipt of the invoice, the requester shall get the appropriate signature and cost center and submit that to the Accounts Payable Dept.

How to replace lost or damaged University ID badges:

Contact the Facilities Department Badging Services

Request more information

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