CCPM/CSPM Alumni Association

The purpose of CCPM/CSPM Alumni and Associates is to support and promote the interests of the CSPM at Samuel Merritt University.

We provide opportunities for professional networking, reconnecting with classmates, and partnering with, promoting, and supporting SMU and CSPM in a variety of ways.

We provide a venue for podiatry graduates to:

  • Express interest in the policies and programs of CSPM
  • Increase and improve communication among SMC, CSPM, and the podiatric medicine profession
  • Obtain and promote professional continuing educational opportunities
  • Support the improvement of education at the CSPM
  • Support the publication of printed and non-printed materials and research at the CSPM, and
  • Provide fundraising support to the CSPM

Our goals:

  • Raise scholarship funds for current DPM students
  • Reduce student indebtedness via student scholarships
  • Support student body activities

Please check back periodically to learn about upcoming events or stay in the loop by sharing your contact information. 

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Dr. MIchael Hattan '04 - President
Dr. Christy King '09 - Vice - President
Dr. James Stavosky '83 - Secretary/Treasurer
Dr. Donald Green '72
Dr. Eric Hubbard '68
Dr. Aaron Meltzer '72
Dr. Ross Taubman '83
Dr. Jonathan Uy

Updated April 2019

Alumni and Associates Executive Committee Terms of Office 

Term of office is from January through December
(members serving second term appear in italics)

Terms Ending 2016
Dr.Michael J. Hattan ‘04
Dr. Christy King ‘09
Dr. Mose “Clint” Thornton ‘87
Dr. John Venson

Terms Ending 2017
Dr. Bill J. Metaxas
Dr. Kevin Miller ‘06
Dr. Colin J. Traynor ‘09
Dr. Jonathan Uy

Terms Ending 2018
Dr. John M. Giurini ‘83
Dr. Ronald Jensen '84
Dr. Jamie Kim ‘10
Dr. Curtis D. Leviant ‘83
Dr. William D. McDonald ‘83
Dr. Shannon M. Rush ‘97
Dr. Randy Sarte '72
Dr. Christopher Segler '03
Dr. Debbie P. Sith-Calica ‘09
Dr. Timothy Shea '73
Dr. Ross E. Taubman ‘83
Dr. Gregory A. Tovmassian ‘09
Dr. David Tran '98
Dr. Mher Vartivarian ‘09
Dr. Bennett Zier
Immediate Past President
Dr. Daniel C. Fulmer '76B


Becoming a member of Alumni and Associates requires payment of annual dues of $100, or $1,500 for a lifetime membership. Eligibility requirements:

Alumni Member—Any person who has been awarded a degree in Podiatric Medicine by the California College of Podiatric Medicine or by the California School of Podiatric Medicine.

Associate Member—Any person who has been awarded a degree from a professionally accredited college of podiatric medicine other than CCPM or CSPM.

Lifetime Member—Any Alumni Member or Associate Member who has paid lifetime dues.

Corporate Member—Any corporation affiliated with podiatric medicine that pays dues and supports the mission of Alumni and Associates.

Honorary Member—Any member chosen by the Executive Board based upon outstanding service to CCPM or CSPM and deserving of special recognition.

Office of Development and Alumni Affairs

3300 Webster Street, Suite 301 Oakland, California 94609