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Susan Forsyth
Assistant Professor
ABSN SF Peninsula

 I have been an RN since 1993, specializing in high risk labor and delivery nursing.  I graduated from UCSF in 2016 with a PhD in nursing. 

PhD in Nursing, Unversity of California, San Francisco, CA 2016.
Dissertation: Virtually smoking: Exploring player perception of tobacco content in video games
M.S. in Nursing, University of California, San Francisco, CA, 2010.
Research focus:  Health Policy, Social and Behavioral Sciences Department.
B.S. in Nursing,  University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 1993.
B.A in History,  Mills College, Oakland, CA 1989.
University of California, Santa Cruz, 1984-1987.  

Supporting families during the labor process

Translating research into practice

Evaluating the strength of evidence


Heath Assessment II- N126 (skills lab instructor)

Senior Synthesis- 181 (clinical instructor)

Care of the childbearing family- N144 (theory instructor)

Care of the childbearing family- N144 (clinical instructor)








Forsyth SR, Malone RE. Tobacco imagery in video games: ratings and gamer recall Tobacco Control Published Online First: [in press] doi:10.1136/ tobaccocontrol-2015- 052286

Forsyth, S. R., & Malone, R. E. (2015). Smoking in video games: A systematic review. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, ntv160.

McDaniel, P. A., Offen, N., Yerger, V., Forsyth, S., & Malone, R. E. (2015). “Tired of watching customers walk out the door because of the smoke”: a content analysis of media coverage of voluntarily smokefree restaurants and bars. BMC Public Health, 15(1), 761

Odierna, D. H., White, J., Forsyth, S., & Bero, L. A. (2015). Critical appraisal training increases understanding and confidence and enhances the use of evidence in diverse categories of learners. Health Expectations, 18(2), 273-287.

Forsyth, S. R., Odierna, D. H., Krauth, D., & Bero, L. A. (2014). Conflicts of interest and critiques of the use of systematic reviews in policymaking: an analysis of opinion articles. Systematic Reviews, 3(1), 122. 

Odierna, D. H., Forsyth, S. R., White, J., & Bero, L. A. (2013). The Cycle of Bias in Health Research: A Framework and Toolbox for Critical Appraisal Training. Accountability in research, 20(2), 127-141.

Forsyth, S.R, Kennedy, C., & Malone, R.E. (2013).  The effect of the Internet on teen and young adult tobacco use.  Journal of Pediatric Health Care,  27(5), 367-76.

Forsyth, S. R., & Malone, R. E. (2010). "I'll be your cigarette--light me up and get on with it": examining smoking imagery on YouTube. Nicotine Tob Res, 12(8), 810-816

Western Institute of Nursing.  2014 (accepted for a podium presentation).  Virtually smoking: A systematic review on the relationship between smoking and playing video games.  Susan R. Forsyth

Western Institute of Nursing. 2013 (accepted for a poster symposium presentation). Virtually smoking:  How young adults perceive smoking imagery in video games.  Susan R. Forsyth.

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·       Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program Dissertation Award, 2013- 2014.

·       Graduate Dean’s Health Science Fellowship, University of California, San Francisco, 2012-2014.

·       Eugene Cota Robles Fellowship, University of California, San Francisco, 2010-2012.



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