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Kevin Hamby
Assistant Professor
MSN Nurse Anesthesia

Kevin Hamby is the Associate Director and an Assistant Professor in the Program of Nurse Anesthesia at Samuel Merritt University (SMU).  Some of his primary responsibilities include supporting the program director, advising students and functioning as the program Simulation Coordinator and Clinical Coordinator.  Kevin graduated from the Nurse Anesthesia Program (PNA) at SMU in 2006 and returned as faculty in the PNA program in 2014.  His passions in anesthesia include peripheral nerve blocks and simulation.  Kevin currently practices anesthesia as an independent CRNA contractor for various ambulatory surgery centers, GI centers & fertility centers around the Bay Area.  Kevin's non-professional passions include assisting his wife with raising and having fun with their four sons.

Currently enrolled student in the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) at Samuel Merritt University.  Anticipated Completion 2020.

2006 - MSN in Nurse Anesthesia, Samuel Merritt University, Nurse Anesthesia Program

2002 - BSN, University of Utah, Nursing Program


Simulation in Anesthesia

2017-1018, Clinical Anesthesia I, II, III, & IV - Clinical Coordinator

2015-2016, Principles of Anesthesia II - Faculty of Record

2014-2016, Principles of Anesthesia I - Faculty of Record

2014-present, Simulation Coordinator-organizing simulations for the various courses in the PNA program

2013, Simulation Core Team Member, taught Bier blocks and assisted in simulating critical events in anesthesia

2013, Principles of Anesthesia II - Guest Lecturer



Member of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA)

Member of the California Association of Nurse Anesthetists (CANA)

Service positions in Cub and Boys Scouts of America since 1999


Member for
4 years 1 month

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