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Diana Jennings
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ABSN SF Peninsula



Diana L. Jennings is the Associate Managing Director, Assistant Professor, of the San Francisco Peninsula Learning Center, of Samuel Merritt University (SMU), School of Nursing. Retired from a 25-year career in critical care and emergency nursing, Dr. Jennings earned a diploma from Samuel Merritt Hospital, School of Nursing in 1975, a BSN from California State University Dominguez Hills in 1993, a MSN as a Geriatric Clinical Nurse Specialist with a minor in education in 1995, and a PhD in nursing in 2000 at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Nursing (UCSF). Dr. Jennings offers over 39 years of combined clinical and teaching experience with a background that highlights her interests in education, leadership, research, and scholarship.  Her areas of research and publication are mentoring, geriatric access to care, teaching strategies, and obstetric high-risk simulation. She has taught research to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral nursing students, with a history of mentoring as an Assistant Clinical Professor and Academic Mentor to graduate and doctoral students at UCSF. In 2004, she was nominated for the Outstanding Faculty Mentorship Award by the Graduate Student Association at UCSF and also for the Pinnacle Mentoring Award through Alpha Eta Chapter of STTI.

One of 20 mentee/mentor dyads selected for the STTI Maternal Child Leadership Academy, Dr. Jennings was presented with the Outstanding Mentor award by a mentee in Scottsdale Arizona in March of 2011 and co-delivered a presentation at Biennial later that year. Currently collaborating with the Directors of the University of San Francisco’s Vietnamese Nurse Project in Hanoi, Vietnam, she serves as faculty mentor and consultant on an educational training research study. Dr. Jennings has presented at local, national and international conferences. She also serves as a research consultant for Maki Tanaka, Assistant Professor, at Nagano College of Nursing in Nagano, Japan. A member of STTI since 1994, she has served as Vice President of Xi Theta Chapter, Corresponding Secretary for Alpha Eta Chapter, Faculty Counselor and Succession Committee Member at SMU for NuXi Chapter.



June 2000     Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing

                        Summa cum laude

                        University of California, San Francisco

June 1995     Master of Science in Nursing, Geriatric Clinical Nurse Specialist

                        Summa cum laude

                        Education Minor, University of California, San Francisco

June 1993     Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Public Health Nurse Certification

                        Magna cum laude

                        California State University, Dominguez Hills

June 1975     Diploma in Nursing

                        Samuel Merritt Hospital, School of Nursing, Oakland, CA.

Dr. Jennings has taught research methods (qualitative and quantitative) to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral nursing students. She also teaches Synthesis.

N-601 Research

N-108 Research

N-181L Synthesis

Research areas are geriatric access to health care, quality of care for elderly people enrolled in HMO's, mentoring, educational strategies in teaching reseach methods, student teaching/learning outcomes in obstetric high-risk simulation, and educational interventions and outcomes in Ha Noi, Vietnam.

Spiers, J.A., Paul, P, Jennings, D.L., & Weaver, K. (2012). Strategies for engaging undergraduate nursing students in reading and uing qualitative research. The  

    Qualitative Report, 17(48), 1-22. Retreived from 17, spiers pdf.

Maag, M.M., Buccheri, R., Capella, E., & Jennings, D.L. (2006). A Conceptual Framework for the Clinical Nurse Leader Program. Journal of Professional Nursing, 22(6),

    pp. 367-372.

Mackin, L.A., Macera, E., & Jennings, D. (2006). Lessons learned from a mentored graduate program in gerontological nursing. Journal of Professional Nursing, 22(2)

    (March– April), pp 137–141.

Maas, M.L., Strumpf, N.E., Beck, C., Jennings, D., Messecar, D., Swanson, E. (2006). Mentoring geriatric nurse scientists, educators, clinicians, and leaders in the John A.

    Hartford Foundation Centers for Geriatric Nursing Excellence. Nursing Outlook54(4), pp. 183-188.

Jennings, D. L. (2000). Factors Influencing Health-Care Access: Perceptions Of Frail, Elderly Enrollees Of Health Maintenance Organizations. (PhD dissertation, 

    University of California, San Francisco).


Rosa, L.M., & Jennings, D.L. (November 2012). Implementation and Evaluation of Obstetric High-Risk Hybrid Simulation in an Entry Level Masters of Science in

    Nursing Program. Poster Presentation at the International Congress of Women's Health Issues, Bangkok, Thailand.

Spiers, J., Paul, P., Jennings, D. L., & Weaver, K. (2012). Strategies for engaging undergraduate nursing students in reading and using qualitative research.  Oral

    presentation by Jude Spiers, PhD, RN and Diana Jennings, PhD, MS, RN at Chiang Mai University, School of Nursing, Chiang Mai, Thailand in November, 2012.

Rosa, L.M., & Jennings, D.L. (November 2, 2011). The evaluation of high-risk obstetric simulation in a pre-licensure Entry level Master of Science in Nursing (ELMSN)

    Program. Poster Presentation at the 41st Biennial Convention, Sigma Theta Tau International, Grapevine, Texas.

Rosa, L.M. & Jennings, D.L. (March 2011). Preliminary data findings: The evaluation of high-risk obstetric simulation in a pre-licensure Entry level Master of Science in

    Nursing (ELMSN) Program. Sigma Theta Tau International, Maternal Child Leadership Academy, Workshop #2. Scottsdale, Arizona.

Rosa, L. M. & Jennings, D.L. (July 2010). Proposal Presentation: High-risk obstetric simulation project. Sigma Theta Tau International, Maternal ChildLLeadership

    Academy, Workshop #1. Indianapolis, Indiana

Jennings, D.L. (2001). Factors that Influence Health Care Access: Perceptions of Frail Elders Enrolled in HMO’s. Paper presentation at the ICN in June, 2001.

    Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jennings, D.L. (2000). Factors that Influence Health Care Access: Perceptions of Frail Elders Enrolled in HMO’s. Paper presentation at the Gerontological Society of

    America, Annual Scientific Meeting, November 2000. Washington, DC.




Jennings, D. (1998). Barriers to health care access: Perceptions of frail, community-dwelling elders in HMO’s. The Association of Gerontological Nurse Specialists, 8(3),

    pp. 3-4.


6/30/2011      Grant Proposal, “Implementation and evaluation of obstetric high-risk hybrid simulation (SMUIRB # 11-006) approved. Funded by Dr. Mileva Saulo Lewis for the entire 18-month STTI Maternal Child Leadership Academy.

2011               Outstanding Mentor Award, Sigma Theta Tau International, Maternal Child Leadership Academy Workshop, Scottsdale, Arizona.

4/2010            Accepted into the Sigma Theta Tau Maternal Child Leadership Academy as a mentor to Laurie Rosa for an 18-month research project.

1/2010            Grant Proposal submitted to Kaiser Permanente to partially support a qualitative research project exploring the “attitudes, beliefs,  perceptions of people with memory loss and their caregivers, who are enrolled in Adult Day Care through Senior Access, surrounding the clinical, cultural, social, and environmental factors that influence their ability to reside in the community with family/caregivers.

12/2009          Grant Proposal submitted to the Marin County Foundation to support an Adult Day Center for Individuals with Memory Loss operated by Senior Access of San Rafael, CA. Funding granted to support an additional Adult Day Care Center for individuals with memory loss in Belvidere, CA.

2004                Nominated, Pinnacle Mentoring Award, Alpha Eta Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing


5/2004             Nominated, Outstanding Faculty Mentorship Award, Graduate Student Association, UCSF School of Nursing

2000                 Recipient, Graduate Student Research Award, UCSF School of Nursing

2000                 Recipient, Century Club Fund, UCSF School of Nursing. 

2000                 Recipient, Kaiser Permanente Tuition Reimbursement Scholarship, $10,000

1998-2000       Recipient, California Nurses Association Scholarship, $1000

1993                  Induction, Sigma Theta Tau International, Xi Theta Chapter

1993-97             Recipient, Professional Nurse Traineeship Award, $14,000


Professional and Community Service

Geriatric Consultant / Mentor, DNP Capstone Student Project, SMU SON

Member, Advisory Council, Senior Access, Adult Day Care Centers for Individuals with Memory Loss, San Rafael, CA.

Member, Philantropic Educational Organization, Chapter NO, California

Member, Succession Committee, Nu Xi Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau International

Member, Student Affairs Committee, SMU SON

Member, Holiday Dinner Planning Committee, SMU SON Alumni Association

Research Design Consultant, Drs. DeBourgh and Crow, University of San Francisco's Vietnamese Nurse Project

Research Design Consultant, Maki Tanaka, Nagano College of Nursing, Nagano, Japan

Professional Memberships

Association of Gerontological Nurse Specialists

Alpha Eta & Nu Xi Chapters, Sigma Theta Tau International

American Geriatric Society

American Nurses Association

American Society of Aging

California State University, Dominguez Hills, Alumni Association

Gerontological Society of America

Golden Gate Academy Alumni Association

International Congress of Nurses (ICN)

International Council of Women’s Health Initiatives (ICOWHI)

National Gerontological Nurses Association

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

National League for Nursing

Philanthropic Educational Organization, Chapter NO, California

Samuel Merritt University, School of Nursing, Alumni Association

UCSF, School of Nursing, Alumni Association


Member for
9 years 3 weeks

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