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Red Flags Rules

The Red Flags Rules (Rules) enacted by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are designed to protect the personal information of employees and students to prevent, detect and mitigate the effects of identity theft.

Upon the SMU Board of Regents adoption of Sutter Health’s Identity Theft Prevention Program in April 2009, the Red Flags Task Force was assembled.  Members of the task force represent all areas/departments of the University.

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Independent Contractor Agreement(s)

An independent contractor is an individual who operates a business and is paid to provide services to complete a SPECIFIC PROJECT. Such individuals are under a contract to provide an END RESULT.  Independent contractors control how, when and where the work is to be done, rather than the contracting organization.  Independent contractors operate their own business and are representatives of their business.  Per the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), any payments made to an independent contractor for services rendered that are more than $600 must be reported.

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