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A Little Info about Relaxation Exercises
The intention behind these downloads is to introduce, educate, and expose you to some variations on how to purposefully relax or simply cope better. With practice, these exercises can be opportunities to gain some control over your response to stress and can help provide balance to the demands of life. You will find a variety of voices and techniques among the downloads, all of which promote the mind-body connection. We encourage you to practice what is useful to you and to feel free to edit and alter these practices in your own mind.  Regular practice of relaxation exercises can have several benefits.  It can decrease your risk of chronic health problems and improve your ability to concentrate and function academically.  Another benefit is in improved relationships.  Individuals who practice relaxation often notice they are les irritable and more able to slow down to solve problems, rather than explode and do something they later regret.

Like any other skill, relaxation skills improve with practice.  Be patient with yourself and try practicing once a day for several minutes. See this link for more information on stress relief and relaxation exercises:

Relaxation Downloads: Click on these links to listen to various relaxation exercises and techniques. Most of the files are downloadable, so put them on your phone, computer, ipad etc. and listen to relax whenever you need! Start with practicing once daily for 5 min and move up as needed:

Apple & Android Apps
Click here for Apple & Android apps you might enjoy or find useful for topics such as sleep, anxiety, mindfulness, relaxation, breathing exercises, mood, etc.

Relaxing Background Music: Use your favorite internet radio site (i.e., Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify)  to create some relaxation stations. Play these on one device while you do the above techniques on another.  For example on  Some stations you can try exploring are “Spa Radio, “Calm Mediation Radio”, “New Age Ambient”, “Nature Sounds Radio”, etc.

YouTube Videos:
There are literally hundreads of thousands of YouTube videos out there offering relaxation tools. Type in searches such as "relaxation meditation", "guided meditations", "relaxation techniques", "progressive muscle relaxation", "stress relief", or even be specific such as "relaxation for test anxiety", etc. and see what works for you.


 Disclaimer: The links and resources listed in this document are for informational purposes only and have not necessarily been pre-screened or reviewed. SMU is not affiliated with any of these centers or resources and cannot make any guarantees, warranties, endorsements or recommendations of their services or products. If you choose to utilize any resources listed here, you are doing so at your own discretion and risk.

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