Health Services

Oakland and SF Peninsula (San Mateo)
Appointments for Health Services on the Oakland campus may be scheduled by calling (510) 879-9288.

Sacramento Students at the Sacramento campus can make appointments through Sutter @ Work. You can find participating Sutter Sacramento Area Clinics Here

Students in our online programs can access health services through their employee work clinic or through their primary provider.


Counseling Services

All currently enrolled SMU students are eligible for up to 10 free counseling appointments per year.

Students at the Oakland campus can make initial intake appointments by contacting (510) 879-9288. Your first appointment will provide you with an opportunity to talk confidentially with a counselor about your immediate concerns. By the end of the appointment, your counselor will be able to offer you some initial impressions of what resources or services would be most helpful for you.

Please note that 1st appointments are scheduled for 90 minutes to allow you time to fill out intake paperwork. Subsequent appointments are usually 45-50 minutes in length.

Sacramento, SF Peninsula (San Mateo), and Online
Students at the San Francisco Peninsula, Sacramento, and Online campuses can access mental health counselors either on the Oakland campus or through the Sutter Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Please contact (800) 477-2258 to learn more about Sutter EAP.

All counseling services are confidential, both with the professional Psychologists on the Oakland campus at the Student Health and Counseling Center, as well as with the therapists contracted through the Sutter EAP program.  No staff or faculty members at SMU will know you are seeking counseling without your written consent.  You can learn more about Confidentiality here

Emergency & After Hours Care

SHAC (Student Health & Counseling) is open Monday through Friday between 8:30 am- 5:00 pm. After hours, on weekends and during University holidays we encourage you to utilize the resources below. 

Health/Medical Care:
Should you need medical services when we are closed, students will need to utilize their health insurance for medical services at private physician offices, urgent care centers or emergency rooms.

A list of Local SF Bay Area Urgent Care Clinics can be found here:

Mental Health Care:
SHAC staff does not provide after hours crisis intervention. If you need immediate mental health assessment or care after hours, during weekends or holiday breaks, you may choose from the following options

  1. Contact the Sutter EAP 24/7 line at 800-477-2258. Identify yourself as an SMU student.
  2. Call 911, go to your nearest hospital emergency room
  3. Call a Local or National 24-hour crisis support hotline.   

In any of these situations you are encouraged to also call the Counseling Center at (510) 879-9288 during office hours as soon as possible to alert the staff that you are need in of help.



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