Office365 Authentication Page Change

The Samuel Merritt University ITS department will be migrating Office 365 to a new authentication service. At this moment we will only be changing Office 365 to this new login.

How will this change affect you:  The login page will look different depending on the authentication system you use! Your SMU username and password for both of these login pages will still remain the same. The biggest change you will notice is if you login to your Total Access portal page and click on Cloudmail (aka Office365 email), you will be prompted to login again with our SMU ADFS page (see below for image).

Note: All other web services aside from Office365 will continue to use Total Access or its respective login page (using your SMU username and password).

Below are the 2 authentication services and login pages we currently use:

SMU ADFS page (use your SMU email address or just your SMU username)
Applications: Office365, Panopto


SMU Total Access page (use SMU username and password)
Applications: Canvas, Student Health, SMU main website

What are SMU Total Access and SMU ADFS?
SMU Total Access and SMU ADFS are login services that allows you to access multiple password-protected web applications after logging in once (single sign-on).

How do I log out SMU Total Access and ADFS?
The best way to log out of Total Access or SMU ADFS is to exit or close all active browsing applications. For Windows users, close all open browser windows.  For Mac users, the browsing application remains open until you quit the application from either the File menu or by right-clicking on the Dock icon.

Will my username or password change?
No, your password will remain the same.  You will need to use either your SMU username or your SMU email address depending on the application.

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Call (510) 869-6836 or open a support ticket on our self service desk IT Service Desk.

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