Student Clubs and Groups

Student Clubs and GroupsStudent Clubs and Groups
There are numerous clubs and groups for students to engage in.  New clubs and groups are formed every year, so check with the student body association about the things that interest you.  There may already be a club perfectly suited for you.  If there isn't, you can start one!

Clubs on Campus

How to Start a Club:

1.      Any group of students wishing to start an organization/club may do so. There must be an initial start of 10 students petitioning interest for the proposed organization/club. 
2.      The organization/club charter and list of students must be completed and given to SBA two weeks prior to first proposal of organization/club to SBA. 
3.      It shall take a 2/3 majority vote of the SBA leadership to approve an organization/club.
4.      Membership shall be open to all SBA members (SMU students) who express a desire to be part of the organization/club.
5.      The organization/club shall elect an advisor to attend events and activities when available to do so.
6.      After the organization/club charter has been approved, the organization/club is granted $500 seed money from SBA funds. This money is allotted one time only. There is no replenishing of organization/club funds by SBA means.  No funds shall be approved for any organization/club that does not conform to the bylaws.
7.      An organization shall be a group which functions to enhance the professional attitudes, skills, and knowledge of students.
8.      A club shall be a group organized to carry out specialized extracurricular activities.
9.      Any club or organization that does not perform according to the standards and expectations set forth by University, SBA and/or the approved charter may have its charter, approval, and access to any funding revoked.
10.     The President of the organization/club shall attend or send an alternate to all SBA Town Hall meetings or communicate with SBA via email to

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