World’s First Ever Supernatural Healthcare Symposium

Healthcare Professors Use Ghoulish Science to Provide Students Real-Life Medical Lessons

What do vampires teach us about blood? How can we practice medical ethics during a zombie invasion? And pray tell, when the apocalypse finally arrives, is eating brain a delicacy or deadly?

These are among the creepy topics faculty members at Samuel Merritt University (SMU) will present during the living World’s First Ever Supernatural Healthcare Symposium Thursday, October 29, from noon to 1 p.m. in Bechtel Hall, 400 Hawthorne Ave., Oakland, Ca.

The World’s First Ever Supernatural Healthcare Symposium will include a variety of live and video presentations and is free to all members of the public and media, living or dead. The hour-long event follows 2014’s wildly popular and prestigious Zombie Healthcare Symposium, the world’s first ever (maybe possibly, we think) academic symposium dedicated entirely to undead healthcare.  

This year, however, the range of study has expanded to all things supernatural, worldly and other-worldly. SMU’s academic experts will make scientifically-based presentations to address the supernatural’s distinct array of ailments, maladies, and healthcare disparities.

“This is the ultimate revenge of the nerds,” says Michael DeRosa, Ph.D., chair of the Master Physician Assistant Program, and whose presentation is titled, “Vampires Don't Suck...Vampires and Anticoagulation.”

“We’re all science geeks at heart, and this gives us a chance to continue teaching subjects in our curriculum, but in a funny, Halloweenish context.”

Other presentations include: “When Healers Become Killers: Disaster Relief Gone Wrong”; “Gait Analysis in the ‘Terrestrially-Challenged’ Population: Did Newton get it Wrong?”; “Service Animals During the Apocalypse”; “Creating Inclusive Environments for all Creatures Through Universal Design.”

Who: Healthcare experts from SMU, students, supernatural enthusiasts, the morbidly curious public

What: World’s First Ever Supernatural Healthcare Symposium

When: Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015. Noon to 1 p.m.

Where: Samuel Merritt University, Health Education Center (HEC), 400 Hawthorne Ave. Oakland, CA 94609

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