Office of the President Contact Information

Location and Office Information

450 30th Street
Peralta Pavilion 2840
Oakland, California 94609

Phone: 510.879.9270
Fax: 510.457.2106
Hours of Operation: 8 5 p.m

To reach Development and Alumni Affairs, please call 510.907.2435
To reach Media Relations, please call 510.879.9270

President's Office Staff

Sharon Diaz
510.879.9200 x7361

Margrette Peterson
Assistant to the President
510.879.9200 x7361

Communications Staff

Stephanie Bangert
Executive Director, Communications and External Relations

Jim Muyo portrait

Jim Muyo
Director, Communications

Alejandro Rodríguez
Associate Director of Advertising and Marketing
510.879.9200 x7397

Sasha Solomonov
Associate Director of Social Media and Web Content
510.879.9200 x7399

Donita Boles
Associate Director of Publications
510.879.9200 x7398

Debra Holtz
Media Relations Associate and Senior Writer




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