Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Performance

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Cohort Graduation Rates% Cohort Graduated Within 150% of Expected Time
2012-2013 Cohort92%
2011-2012 Cohort100%
2010-2011 Cohort94%
First-Year Retention Rates% Cohort Still Enrolled Following Academic Year
2015-2016 Cohort100%
2014-2015 Cohort*90%
2013-2014 Cohort95%
Licensure Pass Rates (First-Time Takers Only)
2016 Pass Rate100%
2015 Pass Rate94.4%
2014 Pass Rate91.7%
Employment Rate** within 1 year of graduation
2014-2015 graduating class100%
2013-2014 graduating class100%
2012-2013 graduating class100%

* No students were dismissed for academic performance.
** Employment data includes only graduates who take the alumni survey; employment rate likely not representative of all graduates