OTD Curriculum

OTD Curriculum

Year One


Fall Semester (16 Units) 
OT710 - Anatomical and Physiological Basis for Human Occupation5.0
OT711 - Foundations of Occupational Therapy3.0
OT712 - Theories of Inquiry and Research Methodology2.0
OT701 - Integrative Seminar I1.0
OT718 - Functional Neuroscience (3 Units) 3.0
OT716 - Therapeutic Media, Materials and Processes 2.0
Total units16.0



Spring Semester (14 Units) 
OT702 - Integrative Seminar in Occupational Therapy Practices II1.0
OT713 - Introduction to Psychopathology1.0
OT715 - Guided Research Seminar1.0
OT717 - Interpersonal and Interprofessional Communication2.0
OT719 - Human Occupation Throughout the Life Span      3.0
OT720 - Theories of inquiry and research II2.0
OT727 - Kinesiology and Biomechanics4.0
Total units14.0



Summer Semester (4 Units) 
OT709 - Introduction to Professional Documentation1.0
OT771 - Introduction to Fieldwork I3.0
Total units4.0


Year Two


Fall Semester (15 Units) 
OT703 - Integrative seminar III1.0
OT722 - Guided Research Seminar1.0
OT723 - Capstone project exploration2.0
OT724 - Conditions of Human Dysfunction3.0
OT726 - Theory and Practice in Psychosocial Dysfunction4.0
OT732 - Advanced Clinical Practice (Pediatrics)4.0
Total units15.0



Spring Semester (19 Units) 
OT704 - Integrative Seminar in Occupational Therapy Practices 41.0
OT728  - Administration and Management3.0
OT729 - Theory and Practice in Physical Dysfunction4.0
OT730 - Research Synthesis Project2.0
OT731 - Occupational Adaptations and Introduction to Modalities3.0
OT736 - Advanced Clinical Practice (Adults)4.0
OT735 - Capstone planning2.0
Total units19.0



Summer Semester (6 Units) 
OT740 - Fieldwork Level II6.0
Total units6.0

Year Three


Fall Semester (6 Units) 
OT741 - Fieldwork Level II6.0
Total units6.0


Spring Semester (11 Units)

OT733 - Health Promotion and Wellness2.0
OT750 - Capstone project development3.0
OT751 - Advanced clinical focus3.0
OT752 - Advanced Leadership3.0
Total units11.0



Summer Semester (9 Units) 
OT754 - Capstone experience project6.0
OT755 - Capstone experience project report3.0
Total units9.0