Our Mission and Values


We are committed to educational innovation in theory and practice to prepare highly competent professional nursing leaders who are engaged in the advancement of nursing practice and the improvement of health for diverse populations/peoples.


School of Nursing Mission



Our Values

Social Justice:
We believe in a fair, equitable, ethical, respectful, and dignified environment.

We believe in the conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current best evidence in guiding nursing education and clinical decisions about the care of individuals, groups, and communities.

We are committed to self-evaluation and self-critique to redress power imbalances and to develop and maintain mutually respectful and dynamic partnerships with individuals, groups, and communities. We recognize that culture matters in clinical care and in the educational environment. Culture comprises multiple variables and is a process of meaning-making in which faculty and students are engaged with others.

Lifelong Learning:
We are committed to life-long, continual self assessment and the conscientious and diligent pursuit of excellence.

Compassion and Caring:
We treat those we serve, and one another, with concern, kindness and respect.

Collaboration and partnership:
We continually seek to collaborate with a focus on merging the insights of persons with differing perspectives, recognition of other's concerns and expertise, with a high degree of assertiveness and cooperation to jointly develop integrated solutions.


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