Post-Master's DNP Curriculum - Online

Doctor of Nursing Practice

First Year (Full-time)

Spring Semester  
Biostatistics 3.0
Epidemiology and Population Health 3.0
Summer Semester  
Evidence-Based Research 3.0
Healthcare Economics and Financial Analysis 3.0
Fall Semester  
Outcomes Management and Evaluations 3.0
Advanced Informatics 3.0
DNP Project Emphasis Seminar 1.0

Second Year

Spring Semester  
Organizational and Systems Leadership in Complex Healthcare Systems 3.0
Advanced Health Policy and Advocacy 3.0
Summer Semester  
Educational Innovations in Healthcare 2.0
DNP Project Development 3.0
Fall Semester  
DNP Project Residency 5.0
DNP Project Presentation 1.0

See student catalog for part-time course sequence.


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