Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Curriculum


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Fall I  
Nursing 600 Theoretical Foundations for Health Professionals 3.0
Nursing 649/649L Advanced Health Assessment - Nurse Anesthesia 3.0
Nursing 651/651L Principles of Anesthesia I 4.0
Nursing 652 Advanced Pharmacology I 4.0
Nursing 657/657L Human Anatomy and Physiology 5.0
Total units 19.0


Spring I  
Nursing 653 Advanced Pathophysiology in Anesthesia 3.0
Nursing 654 Advanced Pharmacology II 3.0
Nursing 655/655L Principles of Anesthesia II 6.0
Nursing 656L Clinical Anesthesia I 1.0
Total units 13.0


Summer I  
Nursing 601 Research Methods 3.0
Nursing 658L Clinical Anesthesia II 3.0
Nursing 660 Advanced Principles of Anesthesia I 4.0
Total units 10.0


Fall II  
Nursing 659 Professional Aspects of Practice 3.0
Nursing 661L Clinical Anesthesia III 2.0
Nursing 662 Advanced Principles of Anesthesia II 3.0
Total units 8.0


Spring II  
Nursing 602 Analysis of Health Policy Issues 3.0
Nursing 627 Pharmcology Comprehensive Examination 1.0
Nursing 663L Clinical Anesthesia IV 3.0
Total units 7.0


Summer II  
Nursing 628 Oral Comprehensive Examination 1.0
Nursing 631 Advanced Acute and Chronic Pain Management 2.0
Nursing 664L Clinical Anesthesia V 3.0
Total units 6.0


Fall III  
Nursing 629 NCE Prep Series and ACRM Simulation Sessions 2.0
Nursing 665L Clinical Anesthesia VI 1.0
Total units 3.0

Total Units: 66.0

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