Program Performance

Cohort Graduation Rates % Cohort Graduated Within 150% of Expected Time  
2013-2014 Cohort 67%  
2012-2013 Cohort 71%  
2011-2012 Cohort 100%  
Note: Total number of students in above cohorts < 8    
First-Year Retention Rates % Cohort Still Enrolled Following Academic Year  
2015-2016 Cohort 96%  
2014-2015 Cohort 95%  
2013-2014 Cohort 97%  
Licensure Pass Rates (First-Time Takers Only)  
Employment Rate in the Profession Studied at SMU* 
  Within 6 months of graduation Within 1 year of graduation
2014-2015 graduating class 100% 100%
2013-2014 graduating class 100% 100%
2012-2013 graduating class 50% 50%
Note: Total number of graduates in above cohorts < 3    
* Employment data only includes graduates who responded to SMU Alumni Survey; employment rate not necessarily representative of graduates who did not respond to SMU Alumni Survey

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