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A group of Samuel Merritt University “nurse scholars” are providing free health education in Sacramento’s most impoverished neighborhood
Do cushiony running shoes help you run longer or are they hurting your feet? CSPM professor Kevin A. Kirby has the answer.
Samuel Merritt University alumni earn the highest salaries among undergraduates from all other California universities and from nearly all schools nationwide.
SMU students donate hundreds of hours to improve the quality of life for the underprivileged.
On July 8, Fred Baldini, PhD, will become the University’s new provost and vice president for academic affairs and Al Frisone will become vice president for university advancement.
More than 400 nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and podiatric physicians received their degrees at SMU spring commencement.
Before earning her doctorate in physical therapy, Katheryne Tang DPT ’19 did marketing for Coca-Cola. It kept her up tossing and turning at night for years. We asked her recovering from insomnia and being drawn to work with geriatric patients.
Daniel Jolles OTD '19 was drawn to occupational therapy while working with kids with autism. Today he does research on aggression triggers in adults with brain injuries and ways for OTs to recognize and avoid those triggers.
As co-valedictorian of CSPM, Nassim Tabrizi DPM ’19 is headed to Boston for her residency training at the end of the month. She talked to us about choosing a podiatry career, overcoming exam anxiety, and finding love at SMU.
Celeyce Matthews ABSN '19 came to nursing in her 40s. She graduates this month and writes about why she was drawn to work with patients at the beginning and end of their lives.
Teaching assistant and tutor Sadie Harden BSN '19 has these study hacks to help you bring your A game.
A.J. Reyes ABSN ’17 landed a job straight out of school and now works at Stanford Health Center. We asked him about his success.
Transgender patients' concerns over how they will be treated by health care providers can preoccupy them more than their medical conditions.
Seirei Christopher University exchange students visit SMU from Japan to see the American health care system in action and experience American culture.
Two vastly different experiences with hospitals and health care led mother and daughter to pursue nursing.
Students see patients who are hospitals most frequent users in the university's "hotspotting" program.
When Samuel Merritt University (SMU) student Juan Ceja Solorio leaves for the U.S.-Mexican border today to help prepare for a medical service trip, his experience with his own family will not be far from his mind.
Alice Vestergaard, a community health instructor in the SON, won the 2019 Dr. Cornelius Hopper Diversity Excellence Award for developing a community nurse corps that works to help residents in an impoverished areas.
Tina Sacks' research demonstrates the persistence of racial and gender discrimination when black women seek medical treatment in America's predominately white health care system.
Should where you live determine how long you live? Research suggests it does, says Sandra Witt, DrPH, Samuel Merritt University’s 29th annual Picchi Memorial Lecturer.
Nursing case management students create "farmers market" and talk about nutrition and health eating with middle schoolers.
SMU Student Affairs recognized as diverse workplace by "Diverse: Issues in Higher Education" magazine
"Fire and Freedom" demonstrates how America’s first president relied on the skills and labor of slaves for much of his wealth
When Nayeli Montano earns her doctorate next year, she will have traveled much farther than the 200 miles between SMU and her home in California’s Central Valley.
He received numerous teaching awards while at the California School of Pediatric Medicine.

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