BSN, RN, ABSN, Oh My! Tips for Choosing the Right Nursing Program and Getting In

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Student Voices is a blog series written by SMU students. If you have an idea for a story, reach out to This video is created by Ritz Oriente, a senior in the BSN program.

Check out BSN Senior Ritz's tips for getting into nursing school, as well as tips for the different routes to take.

  1. Get Your GPA Up
  2. Get a Good Score on Your Nursing Entrance Exam
  3. Get Experience in the Field
  4. Find a Mentor in the Field
  5. Apply to More Than One School

Ritz also breaks down the different routes you can take in your nursing journey, and their pros and cons: LVN, RN-ADN, BSN-RN, ABSN, and others.

Hopefully with these tips you'll be able to choose the right school and nursing program for you.

Ritz shares why SMU was the right choice for her and how simulation labs helped prepare her for her upcoming internship at Kaiser.

"My school is pretty unique. It's a university that only offers health-related majors. It’s pretty cool to go to a school where everyone has the same goal, which is to help others and take care of people." ~ Ritz Oriente


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