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1. Research Study Coordinator Study Title:
A study of the effects of three falls prevention interventions for community-dwelling older adults

Principal Investigator:
Drew Smith, PhD

(510) 879-9242 OR (925) 876-5378 OR E-mail 


Participant Screening: Study Coordinator (SC) will screen potential participants, in person or via telephone, for inclusion and exclusion criteria and will use the Quick Mild Cognitive Impairment (QMCI) Screen to meet the targets of three groups of 20 participants each.  Participants will be entered into the study in cohorts of 5.

Participant Scheduling:  All participants will attend a pre- and post-study data collection session in the MARC, and will have at least one home visit by an occupational therapist and student helpers.  Each group will have different schedules of interaction with the SC and the other study personnel.  The SC will coordinate all MARC visits as well as Otago Exercise Program training sessions, and home visits with participants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and student helpers.  

Data Security and Management: SC will oversee the security and back-up of all data on both MARC computers and locked filing cabinets.

Telephone Follow-ups: SC will also schedule and perform all telephone follow-up calls with participants (may be outside normal office hours).  Written records of telephone conversations with SC will be included in the data records of the study.

Reports to:  Principal Investigator (study protocols) and MARC Laboratory Manager (data security and management).

Duration of employment:
600 hours starting in March 2017 and ending in October 2017 (approx.)

Pay Rate:
$20.00 per hour
(Average per week: about 20 hours but some weeks may have more or less depending on what stage of the protocol participants are at.)

2. Motion Analysis Research Assistant
(SMU students eligible for Work Study only)
To provide support to research projects being conducted in the MARC

The duties of the RA will include:

  1. Recruitment of subjects for on-going projects in the Motion Analysis Research Center (MARC);
  2. Screening of subjects for inclusion/exclusion criteria;
  3. Informing subjects of the nature and extent of their participation in research in the MARC;
  4. Obtaining informed consent from suitable subjects;
  5. Set-up of equipment for data collection;
  6. Preparation of subjects for data collection;
  7. Collection of human motion analysis data according to the IRB-sanctioned methodology; and
  8. Inspection of data for completeness and suitability.

Pay rate:  $13.00 per hour

Contact:  Professor Drew Smith (510) 879-9242  or  asmith3@samuelmerritt.edu

















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