Open Access Publication Fund

Open access research articles are published in online peer-reviewed journals and are freely available to everyone, not just subscribers to a journal. Article authors maintain copyright control over their work.

Many open access journals—including those published by the Public Library of Science and BioMed Central—collect an author payment in lieu of charging for access. To encourage faculty to publish articles in open access journals, SMU’s Library/Academic & Instructional Innovation has established an open access publication fund. Supported by the Division of Academic Affairs and endorsed by the Faculty Organization Research Committee, this fund will reimburse faculty members up to $2,500 per calendar year for expenses associated with publishing an article in a peer-reviewed open access journal.

Once your article has been accepted for publication, email the following information to Library Director Hai-Thom Sota:

  • Author name(s)
  • Article title
  • Journal title
  • Publication fee

When you receive a confirmation, submit a reimbursement request via Ascend using cost center 8080. Your request will route to your supervisor for approval.

Thanks for your support of open access publishing!

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