Finding Full-Text Articles With the Find It @ SMU Button

When searching some of the library’s databases, the Find It @ SMU button button will appear underneath the article citation or abstract:


Click this button, and if SMU subscribes to the journal, you’ll see the full-text article as an HTML or PDF document.

Why didn’t the article open as a PDF?

Some articles initially display as HTML. To get the PDF, click the “Article as PDF” link. If the link is slow to load, click the “additional resources related to this” link to go to the Journal/E-Book Finder page, then click the “Article” link to open the full-text article.


Why didn’t the article open when I clicked the Find It @ SMU button?

  1. If the article was published recently, the full-text may not be online yet. Citations often appear in databases before the full-text is available. Click the “Article” link, then navigate to the article you want.
  2. There was a typo or error in the citation. Find It @ SMU uses the citation information to link to the article. If there's incorrect information in the citation, it won't be able to link properly to the full-text. In these cases, it may link to the journal publisher's website and you can search for the article there.
  3. Access to the article may have recently changed from full-text to citation only.
  4. The library may not subscribe to the full-text of the journal.

Please report any problems you encounter by clicking here or clicking the “Report a Problem” link.


Why did I end up on the journal's home page or its table of contents instead of at the article?

Find It @ SMU will get you as close as possible to the article you want. Sometimes the publisher doesn’t provide a direct link to the specific article, so Find It @ SMU takes you to the journal’s table of contents or the home page. You can then click the “Journal” link and navigate to the article you want.


Why isn't there a full-text link for my article?

When there’s no full-text link, either SMU doesn’t subscribe to the full-text version or Find It @ SMU can't link to the full-text yet.

  1. You can click the “Request an Article or a Book” link to request a copy of the article. The citation is automatically entered in the request form, so you only need to fill out the required fields that have a red asterisk (*). We’ll get a PDF of the article and email it to you in 2-5 business days.
  2. You can also double-check the Journal/E-book finder to see if the journal is actually available through the SMU Library.

Please report any problems you encounter by clicking here or clicking the “Report a Problem” link.


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