Office 365 Email Migration

Samuel Merritt University (SMU), Information Technology Services (ITS) is excited to announce that we have begun migrating all SMU users to Microsoft Office 365. This strategic initiative provides a flexible, and extensible platform that will support the growing needs of the institution for years to come.

SMU ITS will implement a phased migration process for full-time staff and faculty of Office 365 in a systematic approach in the 2017-18 academic year. This will begin in mid-February with the migration of all email accounts. The anticipated timeframe for staff and faculty is approximately four to six weeks. Once the staff and faculty email migration is complete, ITS will begin to explore all of the additional options available.

Time Line for Staff and Faculty Email Migration

Timeline for O365 Email Migration
  • Beta Testing 9/1-12/17
  • SMU IT Department Migration 1/18 – 2/18
  • Develop Communication Plan 1/18 – 2/18
  • Create Department Migration Timeline 1/18-2/18
  • Share Communication Plan to Community 2/18
  • Migrate Staff and Faculty Wave 1 -3
  • Office 365 Self-Guided Resources and Training
  • Migrate Staff and Faculty Wave 4 – 5
  • Office 365 Self-Guided Resources and Training

Click here to view the detailed migration schedule.

How Does the Migration Affect Staff and Faculty?

Staff and faculty email accounts will be migrated to Office 365 in waves in a coordinated effort by ITS. This is done with the intent of reducing impact on the University’s everyday business processes. Rest assured that staff and faculty email accounts will remain the same, and that email and calendars will continue to be accessible through the Outlook client on your SMU-issued desktop or laptop.

What Does the Migration Process Actually Involve?

The migration process involves the following:

  • The existing Exchange Email server will be moved to the Microsoft-hosted cloud solution.
  • Staff and faculty will need to update their email settings on mobile devices.

Training and Resources


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