Bomgar Button - remote IT computer support

SMU Service Desk Launches the Bomgar Button - remote IT computer support !!

What the Bomgar Button is and how to use it

What is Bomgar? Bomgar is a device that the Services Desk uses to make interactive remote desktop connections to your computer.  This can allow us to help configure or troubleshoot many computer issues remotely.  Because it is interactive, we can either watch what you are doing on the computer, or we can remotely control the computer while you watch.  We have set up Bomgar so that you must initiate the connection to us for a remote support session.  If someone at the Service Desk indicates that they would like to hold a Bomgar session with you:

Using the Bomgar Button:

The Bomgar Button should already installed on your computer, double click on it, this will connect you into the service, you click that you approve to have a remote session with us, and one of our IT staff can then connect with you.  The button will look like this on your computer: (If you do not see the icon contact the service desk)

Bomgar desktop icon

And will be named "SMU Remote Support"

Once you run this program, you will come to the following window:

Options in Remote Support software

Please click on Connect with Support Team.  This will then bring you to this window:

Check the Agree to the terms box

Please click I have read and agree to the terms above and then click OK.  You will now be in queue for us, and a support technician can connect with you.

Why the Bomgar Button?  This is a faster and easier way for you to get connected to us and get your computer problem resolved!

You can also get support by going to , and click on that person's name.  This will start the download of a small program which you would then install (clicking through a few screens to do so), and then you could start the support session.  The website would look like this:

Support portal on the web


Request more information

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