Our Impact

Our Model

The EHI developed the CARE model as an effective tool to improve health equity and worforce diversity. 

C= Community Awareness: Deliver health and wellness information to underserved community members

A= Alliances and Community Outreach: Develop partnerships and connections to collaboratively meet community needs

R= Research: Focus on appropiate data, measuring outcomes and effectivness, and contribute to the health equity body of knowledge

E= Education: Facilitate trainings for providers working with underserved and diverse community members

The C.A.R.E. model is implemented throughout community outreach initiatives (Asian Outreach, Health Ministry, Latino Outreach, Chronic Diseases) and Advisory Board partnerships. Below are a few highlights of our our program last year. 

Our 2016 Highllights

Below is an infographic you can click on to see what our impact and work has been throughout last year.

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