Community Outreach/Health Initiatives

EHI has three community outreach programs, Asian Outreach, Health Ministry and Latino Outreach, that each focus on improving the health and wellness of a specific community. To learn more about these programs, please click on one of the links to the right.

In addition, EHI has five disease-specific committees (asthma, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and stroke) that all focus on a health initiative that affects our communities. If you would like to learn more about a committee please read below, or contact us by email. If you would like to learn about a specific disease, or wish to share information with your community, you may find free resources on our Wellness Resource Library available in different languages.


The EHI Asthma Committee's goal is to outreach to the community regarding asthma awareness and education on management (fosucing on asthma triggers). The goal is met by partnering with different community agencies to bring the information to various neighborhoods of the Bay Area that are most impacted by Asthma. The committee is composed of county, city, & community organizations, as well as university faculty and community members that all have a shared goal of reducing the effects of asthma.


The EHI Cancer Committee's goal is to talk with the community regarding cancer screening. We want our communities to learn more about their screening options for breast, colon and prostate cancer so that they may feel empowered to make an informed decision with their provider regarding screening. The committtee is composed of community clinics, clinicians, community organizations, private organizations, community members and most importantly cancer survivors.


The EHI Diabetes Committee is a community collaborative of different community based organizations who are working together to provide community education and resources for diabetes prevention and people who are living with diabetes.The committee also provides a space for individuals and organizations to share new information and research about diabetes.


The EHI Cardiovascular Committee provides a space for individuals and organizations to share new information about hypertension and works collaboratively to create hypertension education resources and community awareness events for the greater community. The committee is a collaborative of different community based organizations who are working together with a shared goal.


The EHI Stroke Committee is a collaborative between Alta Bates Summit Medical Center and community clinicians, university faculty, and other community organizations to outreach and educate the community on stroke. Besides focusing on recognizing a stroke, the committee is also focusing on the prevention of stroke through, small but impactful, lifestyle changes.

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