Executive Committee

The Ethnic Health Institute operates under the direction and guidance of an Executive Committee. The EHI Executive Committee, which is racially, ethnically and professionally diverse, is charged with supporting EHI's goals by helping to develop, organize and evaluate its services and projects.

John Simmons, Jr., M.D., Chairperson

Vanessa Chan, M.D. 

Mildred Crear, RN, M.P.H.

Sharon Diaz, Ph.D.

Carol D'Onofio, Ph.D.

Jocelyn Garrick, M.D.

Gloria Harmon

Cornelius Hopper, M.D.

Mindy Landmark

Bessanderson McNeil, M.P.H.

Lawrence Ng, M.D.

Arnold Perkins, M.P.H.

Anita Siegel, M.P.H.

Frank Staggers, Jr., M.D.

Shirley Strong, M.Ed.

Arlene Swinderman, M.P.A.