Structural Competency/Social Determinants of Health

RadMed (www.rad-med.Com) was created in 2014 as an interdisciplinary group focused on addressing the structural roots of health injustice. One project that emerged from the group was the development of educational interventions for the health professions. This year, we want to revitalize the model of RadMed as an umbrella group for multiple working groups that will define and pursue independent projects. 


One working group will continue refining, running, and making available structural competency trainings for healthcare professionals. However, we recognize that there is much related work to be done beyond such trainings. We invite you to bring your concern and enthusiasm for organizing around any number of health-related topics (mental health, mass incarceration, police violence, LGBTQI health, food justice, reproductive justice, etc.) and find others to connect and work with. Even better, come with a pitch for a project or to tell us about your existing organization and the ways we can collaborate. We’ll give space for people to share these, and then for attendees to gather according to their interests.


This year we will be meeting as a full group on a monthly basis. Our first meeting will be held at the Institute for the Study of Societal Issues in Berkeley (address below). Some subsequent meetings will take place in Oakland, at Samuel Merritt University (schedule TBA).


Structural Competency/Social Determinants of Health Resources


Contact: Beth Ching, Faculty Development Coordinator             510.869.6511 x4918