Alejandro Rodriguez
“Those who practice leadership for equity must confront, disappoint, and dismantle and at the same time energize, inspire, and empower.”

- Sharon Daloz Parks 

With the goal of making SMU an inclusive Beloved Community, envisioned by Dr. Martin Luther King as a society based on justice, equal opportunity, and the love of one’s fellow human beings, SMU’s HEALERS group is focusing on:

  •          Building knowledge among staff, students and faculty through book groups, speakers, regular discussions and workshops on topics related to health inequities, structural competence, and white privilege
  •          Regular HEALS training and practice sessions, along with communications workshops
  •          Expansion of the School of Nursing’s Structural Competency Curriculum Integration workgroup to additional SMU degree programs
  •          Policy changes at the institutional level, including adding inclusion work to annual performance reviews for staff and faculty, and revising search processes to make them more inclusive

For more information: Mary McCall, Faculty Diversity Coordinator, mmccall@samuelmerritt.edu




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