Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs serves students, faculty and external stakeholders through support of outstanding health science education programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. The division achieves its mission within the philosophical context of student-centered services, meaningful faculty resources, promotion of best-practices in teaching and focus on student learning and measurement of performance outcomes.

Academic Affairs Staff

Photo of Scot Foster
Scot Foster, PhD
Academic Vice President and Provost

Photo of Michael Negrete
Michael Negrete, PharmD
Assistant Academic Vice President

Photo of Celeste Villanueva
Celeste Villanueva, EdD, CRNA, FNAP
Assistant Academic Vice President


Photo of Jamie Hirota
Jamie Hirota

Assistant to the Academic Vice President

510.879.9200 x7374

Photo of Veronica Paniagua
Veronica Paniagua

Executive Administrative Assistant

510.879.9200 x7373

Photo of Amy Anderson
Amy Anderson

Special Projects Coordinator

510.879.9200 x7342


Contact Information

450 30th Street, Suite 2718
Oakland, California 94609
Phone: 510.879.0784
Fax: 510.654.9327


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