President's Statement on Repealing Affordable Care Act

Dear SMU Community,Sharon Diaz Affordable Care Act

As the President-elect and members of the U.S. Congress express their intention to repeal the Affordable Care Act, I want to share my thoughts on behalf of Samuel Merritt University (SMU). 

Abolishing the healthcare law has implications beyond the partisan politics in our nation’s capital, posing the very real possibility that millions of Americans could lose access to health coverage.

As healthcare educators, we are committed to preparing the next generation of professionals who will benefit our society by reducing health disparities and improving health outcomes for all communities.

In fact, our institution’s dedication to graduate professionals who will improve the health and wellbeing of the underserved is woven into our mission statement: “SMU educates students to become highly skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals who positively transform the experience of care in diverse communities.”

To us, the logic is clear:  The more people have access to healthcare, the healthier our families and communities will be.

Undeniably, the Affordable Care Act has improved access to healthcare for millions of Americans - particularly those who were once underserved.

If the Affordable Care Act is fully repealed without a viable replacement, more than 20 million Americans could lose their health coverage, including as many as 5 million in our home state of California.

It would be an unconscionable act against the health of our communities.

Therefore, we continue to support any law or legislation that makes healthcare available to all Americans.

And we oppose any law, or modification to existing laws, that would deny or restrict any person from receiving healthcare whether due to income level or pre-existing medical conditions.

Our University stands on the principle that all are deserving of both affordable and equitable healthcare.


Sharon Diaz

President and Chief Executive Officer
Samuel Merritt University

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